webmagic technologies backend and API development

Corporate Responsibility

At Webmagic Technologies we think beyond just business, we think about sustainability, for us, the community and everyone around us be it our clients, business partners or our technical staff. We are constantly working for bringing a positive change for people around us. This pandemic has given a push back to the mankind and together by giving our bit to the society only we can recover.

Business Continuity

At Webmagic Technologies we are committed to providing a business continuity model so that our client’s business is unaffected and yet the teams and our technical staff are safe and sound. All our teams are working remotely from their homes as we offer them remote work possibilities with all the tools and infrastructure.

We are also working on building a community of contractual work force. People who would like to continue working from home even years after when all this Covid-19 crisis would be over.

We Learn Constantly

We believe that learning constantly and enhancing our knowledge is one of the key elements of success. We support and encourage all our technical team members to learn new technology and tools and keep updating themselves as we grow.

We Welcome Change

We always welcome technological advancements and welcome change wholeheartedly. As they say, change is the only constant and hence we are always open to change processes, technology and tools for the betterment.

We Grow Together

At Webmagic Technologies we believe in growing together with our team members and staff. It’s only together we can bring the change and make happy customers that open up the path to personal and business growth.

Our Core Values

At Webmagic Technologies, we strongly believe in our Core Values: Learn Constantly, Adapt to Change Quickly, Accept Failures and Be ready to help. Our time our believe in these core values have gone even stronger as we have seen that accepting failures to our customers has never even once resulted in a failed engagement, rather our customers always appreciated it and deepened their trust in us.