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How To Improve Your Website’s UI UX

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Instead of pondering and wasting time over it just read through my blog to know about the simple steps that you can follow to make your website a success. After all, it is a time of stiff competition and having an edge over your competitors is the key to your success.

What is the basic objective of a website? Well, I will say that it provides all the relevant information to the target audience under one umbrella. A website is the best way to let the audience know what kind of business you are providing and transform them into your customers. So, when you are trying to find out the reason behind the fall of traffic to your website, you discover that UX/UI or the user interface is the culprit. If your website is lagging in this department, repeat customers will decrease in number. The idea is to provide each and every user with a unique user experience so that he/she comes back to visit your website. This is also the reason why should choose an experienced website design company.

Here are some tips that you can consider to improve in the UX/UI of your website:

1. Mobile Response Design

All of us know that we are a Smartphone crazy generation and therefore websites need to be responsive as well. To increase the visibility of your website, you must be mobile friendly. According to report 2017, people spending more time on mobile devices for internet than on any other device and this number is increasing rapidly.

You business might not required mobile app but your website could not afford to ignore mobile friendly aspect. Use the different responsiveness assessing tools to find out the effectiveness of it all

2. Give Serious Thought to Headlines

Catchy headlines both in terms of content and design go a long way to attract customers to your website and add more value to it.


80% readers bounce back just after reading the headlines. So you know how important part headlines play to go through the whole content you want your customers to read. Keywords must be included in the headline because that is exactly what the customers are looking for. Search engines give more priority to headlines having related keywords so this practice could also lead to better ranking on SERP.


3. Add Videos

Videos can engage potential viewers for a longer period of time thus providing you with more time to display your services effectively. An audio and video medium is more effective than a singular one because it is a user-friendly experience.

A video on your website gives the more personal face to your business to engage with your customers. For instance, in case of a new product launch, the video will display the features in a detailed manner. Think about it!

4. Use High Quality Images

Do you remember seeing the picture of your friend’s wedding and the kind of unique experience it provided you with?

Exactly! A good image does the same thing to others as well. An image can communicate a lot of things which words may not and thus you should upload a high-quality image displaying the message clearly.


Also, try and make them more real and avoid the stock ones as far as possible. Images add to the aesthetic value of the website and also engage viewers.

5. Hamburger Menu

Hamburger menus are increasingly on demand these days because they point out what the users are missing. This generates an interest among the users to find out the missing link thus making them stay longer on the website. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

6. Provide Animations and Info-graphics

You must remember how good you felt about watching all those animated cartoons on TV. Why don’t you provide the same experience to the users of your website? It will make them happy and interested to know more about your website. Obviously, you know better than to include them in the titles but surely you can include them in the call to action section. An animation is great in attracting the attention of a customer. Therefore, you can use it to display different notifications on the screen.

7. Use colors wisely.

Do not underestimate colors. In fact, the color of your website will impact the entire look of it. Moreover, research has established that soothing colors assist in conversions. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose a color that will bring your message in the best possible manner.

8. Alluring CTA (Call to Action)

The CTA or the call to action button is the most important one because that is going to convert the viewer into a customer. Place the button at the place where users can find it easily and react to it. The easier it will be for the users to find it, the better your chance will be to gain more conversions. Making a clear CTA increases your chance in a major way.

9. Use Bullet Points

This is quite an old trick and most of us know about its importance. Bullets help in jotting down the key information that a viewer looks for thus saving time and effort. Be creative and gift readers with new designs and images in the bullets to make their experience interesting and engaging. Bullets can contribute to increasing in conversion by 20%.

10. Use Website Security

Data security is most common fear in internet users. Providing the best website security will go a long way in building trust among users and in establishing you as a brand. This is easy guessing that better security enhances the chances of more customers to your website. After all, everyone wants the security of their personal information provided on the website.

11. Optimise To Provide Faster Page Loading Time

According to data from Akamai (, if your website is taking more than more than 3 seconds to load then you are losing half of your customers. This is one of the major concerns of website owners which can make a good or a bad impression for the first time one visits a website.

Slow loading time will cause the potential customer to move away from the page quickly. It impacts the decision making of a viewer and thus should be fixed in case of a problem.

12. White Space

Ample white space above the folds makes space for more information on the page. An exceptionally laid white space will provide a great balance between the content and other elements thus easing off any kind of difficulty for the users.

13. Fix 404 Error

Make it a point to fix the 404 errors because it can mar your image and your business as well. This definitely goes a long way in providing a great user experience, no user ever want to land on an error page.

Use above mentioned suggestions and let me know your experience in the comment section below if these helped you. I will reply you all to optimize your website and give the best user experience to your customers.

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