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Webmagic Technical Archives

Building High Performance Applications — Part — 3


Welcome to the Part 3 in the series. In this Part, I will suggest you to adopt a staged approach to event driven concurrency and introduce you to an a...

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Building High Performance Applications — Part — 2


Welcome to the Part 2 in the series of my posts on “Building High Performance Applications”. For those who are on the path to building a high performa...

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Building High Performance Applications – Part – 1


Over the last couple of years of my journey in the technology arena building high scalability, high performance, fault tolerant systems, systems that ...

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10 Most Amazing Use Cases of Websockets


Never ever before there has been a greater need of IoT Applications where in devices talk to each other in Real Time. And the world is seeing a change...

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The Amazing Things WebRTC Can Do


I’m, sure you have heard that by 2021, video traffic is going to be more than 82% of all internet traffic and live streaming is reaching 13% of ...

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Top 5 Benefits of N-Tier Architecture


The N-Tier architecture divides this application into three different following tiers:The Logic Tier: To perform operations in the application The P...

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How To Improve Your Website’s UI UX

Banking & Financial

Instead of pondering and wasting time over it just read through my blog to know about the simple steps that you can follow to make your website a succ...

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Things your website visitors hate the most


You know what they like or love to see, but do you know what they hate on your page? See, you did not have any idea about it. Let’s find out with me i...

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Popular UX Techniques That Users Hate

Retail & Distribution

As a business owner, you get to see both the sides of the world.You browse the web both as a user and as a creator. Some features annoy the users more...

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Ways To Increase User Engagement with Content


Top 6 Ways To Increase User Engagement on Your Content The most important step in planning an effective website content writing campaign to is to bel...

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