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High performance application backend and API Development

At Webmagic Technologies, we build high performance, scalable application backend and APIs

Whether it is a consumer application or a B2B enterprise application, its the application’s architectural components that play a vital role in how the application is maintained and easily extended towards change. Our solution architects help you design application backend and APIs that will never let you down.

  • Service Oriented Architectures allow you to breakdown large monolithic systems into set of discrete applications and services that are easily manageable and friendlier to change. Talk to our expert identify and solve your architectural bottlecks.
  • We build complex software systems using Microservices architectures to solve dynamic problems and to build solutions that are easier to debug, deploy and maintain. Connect with us to discuss your use case.
  • Our teams are always ahead on the forefront of technological advancements. Be it Docker containers, Kubernetes, AWS, Apache Kafka, or Message broking technologies like Rabbit MQ, we have the right people for the job.

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Mobility For a Law School

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We started working with WebMagic for a short project, but now they are our place of trust when it comes to business outsourcing.

Chetan Saxena

Chetan Saxena

Crea Asia

OpenKey is about digital innovation and evolving a technology to make it customer ready. WebMagic is a perfect partner.

Gautam Kapoor

Gautam Kapoor

Open Key

Working with WebMagic has not only been a great decision for us cost wise but also from the value that they have added to our process.

Jeff Francis

Jeff Francis

Data Cork
  • 1. Iterate Design

    We always start with people. Business is driven by human behavior. And we take a human-centered design approach to drive business results. Through observation, learning, and immersive research we are able to roadmap solutions that work for our clients and their customers.

  • 2. Validate Develop

    This is where we bring the design vision to life—uncovering and alleviating stumbling blocks that could interfere with successful implementation. Our 360-degree focus on customers and tech-agnostic approach allow us to develop flexible solutions that scale with business needs.

  • 3. Optimize Deliver

    Our global operation model and thousands of employees in 10 countries allow us to implement best practices and meet clients’ needs practically everywhere. From implementation to analysis, we go beyond solution launch to seek out continuous improvement for our clients—and ourselves.