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We strengthen your business processes by simplifying them. That's true.

CRM are ERP software are tools to better organize your business and ensure profitability. CRM is customer oriented whereas ERP focuses more on your business processes. They may seem similar tools but are actually quite different in approach. They allow you in reducing overheads, cutting costs and simply do better business.

  • Customer Relationship Management Implementation

    Our CRM implementation service is designed to focus on your business goals and better organize how you manage your sales cycle providing you real time dashboards and analytics that give you a 360° business visibility and better control over your business.

  • ERP Implementation

    Creating an effective ERP implementation is more about understanding your industry, your business processes and than utilizing technology to craft a solution that helps you achieve your organizational goals and put you on top of your business.

  • Open Source CRM Solutions

    We also offer you a complete support package for multiple open source business productivity software that are community driven and are comparably cheaper to advanced customized implementations. Our support plans relieve you of the hassles and let you focus on your business.

  • Real Time Work In Progress Visibility

    We have crafted a state of the art technology that integrates into any web based CRM and ERP software and empowers it to deliver real time intelligence and work in progress visibility features that help you increase productivity and achieve the numbers you aim for every quarter.

Results you can measure.


Increased efficiency with our mobility for business solution


Reduction in per day foot fall by implementing mobile customer query system


Improvement in customer satisfaction ratings for a large educational institute


Mobility For a Law School case-study-mobility-for-law-school

Mobility For a Law School

Following a series of discussions and white board meetings with Chief Accounts Officer and the supporting staff of the R
Improved User Engagement With UI / UX Design ds

Improved User Engagement With UI / UX Design

Following an extended period of consulting to AIFS, working closely with the internal team and gaining a deep understand
Improving Website Performance Saves Embarrassment young-handsome-caucasian-contemporary-businessman-P7YL9CS(1)

Improving Website Performance Saves Embarrassment

Following an extended period of consulting to AIFS, working closely with the internal team and gaining a deep understand

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I like working with Webmagic because I get to work with the best software guys in the industry and I get my work done in half the time as compared with other vendors and with better quality.

Adam Epstein

Adam Epstein

CEO / Director - American National University

We selected Webmagic because they understand operating requirements in the healthcare sector. They bring a winning combination of experience and commitment to excellence.

Mrs. Sherena

Mrs. Sherena

Corporate communications Executive

We have been working with Webmagic for 12 months and in that time they have demonstrated an unwavering desire and capability to deliver.

Mike Guardalabene

Mike Guardalabene

Group CEO - Celebi Aviation Holding
  • 1. Ideate and Iterate

    We always start with a white board. We feel that an idea is where you should spend more time, creating it, nurturing it, iterating over it until you perfect it. This really helps you to eliminate the difference between what you want and what you need.

  • 2. Validate and Develop

    This is where we bring ideas to life, create prototypes, identify the right tools, implement design patterns, architect solutions, develop components, integrate them, and make it all happen. And we do it all in a process oriented manner to give you better visibility.

  • 3. Optimize and Deliver

    Our best practices and highly skilled teams allow us to deliver your ideas into fully functional products that your end users are just going to love. We also maintain your products and ensure smooth deployment and fix bugs from time to time.