Mobility For a Law School


Following a series of discussions and white board meetings with Chief Accounts Officer and the supporting staff of the Rahul’s IAS, a premier name in Law education institutes in India, we were engaged to provide an integrated platform that offers state of the art features including customized website content management, mobile application content management, online admissions and a fully featured ERP implementation for the organization.

The list of challenges were identified and road map was set. We were working on tight deadlines following the start of there admission process online.


The administartive centers of Rahul’s IAS have a very large foot fall, with Law aspirants coming to office to enquire about fresh batches, start of admissions, fee payments, collect study material and other works taken care by the administration department. This often resulted in a chaotic situation at office as al the students coming in had a limited time due to there already busy schedule. It was identified during the meetings that the goal should be to reduce the foot fall at the centers by providing integrated online solutions for all the stake holders and especially the students. Another goal was to make administration’s life easy by making the data available on just a click.


As a solution, 4 Major software components were designed. The main website, admissions portal, mobile application for distributing digital study material to students and a built in resolution center to solve student queries, administration pannel to manage all the content, generate invoices, view reports, view student attendance etc. A notification system was created to ensure that students were provided timely updates via mobile push and SMS notifications. The entire software suite was architected with an N-tier approach with future scalability as another business goal. Automation of data backup, recieving online payments and an integrated plugin for printing ID cards became the star features.

The Results

The entire system was able to reduce the foot fall by 90%, hence streamlining the entire administrative process for Rahul’s IAS. Students were able to save time by resolving there queries via the mobile application interface and by receving study material online. Entire work flow was visible on the dashboard provided in the administrative pannel.