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Webmagic technologies is helping companies adopt cloud services and scale seamlessly

We are working with our clients to help them build cloud applications and creating massively scalable, highly available and fault tolerant applications and breaking all geographical barriers.

Cloud Services

Elastic Compute

On Demand compute is one of the core offerings of any cloud platform. If your application struggles with compute issues, talk to us.

Serverless Lambda

Building and deploying your applications on serverless environment can be a very cost saving and effective strategy.

Big Data & Analytics

Leverage data analysis tools and big data offerings to gain more insights on your data and take informed decisions for the future.


Scale seamlessly by deploying applications to containerised environments. Our experts can help you get started on contanerization.

Cloud Platforms

Our experts are hands on with various cloud offerings and have helped many customers deliver amazing applications on the cloud.

Amazon Web Services

Webmagic engineers are fully proficient in building and deploying applications for AWS cloud and its various service offerings.

Microsoft Azue

Webmagic Technologies has delivered state of the art applications on the Microsoft azure cloud that autoscale and are highly available and scalable.

Our Thinking

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Webmagic Cloud Offerings

Webmagic Technologies Cloud Offerings

We can help you migrate your business to the cloud and create strategies and plan for you for the seamlessly migration. We can help you leverage cloud by building completely server less applications that autoscale and are highly available.

Our cloud experts are helping many customers build sclabale applications using elastic compute, Serverless Lambda, Queues, Cloud storage and nosql databases.