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Things your website visitors hate the most

News & Blog

You know what they like or love to see, but do you know what they hate on your page?

See, you did not have any idea about it. Let’s find out with me in the next couple of paragraphs what the visitors hate about your page.

1. Non-Responsive Websites: Even Google Hates this

Scrolling your website from side to side is so dumb and outdated that if a visitor has to do that, he will surely leave and never come back. In this age of instant messaging, you need a quick response from your website.

Moreover, you might be penalized by Google for a non-responsive website on mobile platforms and could also lose page rank in Google. So, why put your reputation and money at stake? Mobile phone use is increasing and it is only natural that your website adapts to this change in medium. Also, save yourself from losing out on potential customers. Responsive website design and development should be your top priority.

2. Load Time Matters: Faster is always better

When did you last visit a website which took ages to download? I am sure you can’t remember. So, why provide that experience to your visitors? The attention span of visitors is shrinking and he/she is becoming impatient. Your website should not take more than 3 seconds to load or else the visitor will abandon your website. This will undoubtedly affect your brand reputation and conversion rates.

You might be surprised to discover that visitors generally blame the content provider and not the service provider for the delay. Fix the issues; it could be videos, code, image size anything. Check out more on Google webmaster tools about site speed (

3. Pop-Ups Kill the Interest: Annoying pop-up ads Hurt

Pop-ups are irritating and too many of them are distracting for the user. However, you have to use these elements also.

How about being a little discreet about using them? For example, you can use an uncomplicated CTA pop-up to help your visitor. Also, have a specific purpose for using them and let your visitors breathe freely. Remove it instantly after you find out that it is affecting your performance.

4. Unclear Message through Website

The website is set up for business purpose and thus needs to put the message forward clearly without any kind of confusion. Who and what should be absolutely clear from the website. You can’t blame the visitor if he has stuck to your page for over 10 seconds without knowing what he is doing there. The visitor must easily and clearly understand what you are offering him. So, display the message loud and clear.

5. Auto-Playing Multimedia Content

These are highly distracting when someone is visiting your website for a particular purpose of finding out some important information. If a video suddenly starts playing and the visitor struggles to find out the source, it is a bad situation. Placing a video is a great idea but make sure it does not go wrong. Let the visitors choose to play the video.

6. Misdirecting the Visitor or Bad Navigation

A visitor hates it when a website does not provide any clue to where the visitor should head next. A large number of websites lack providing navigation information to the visitor thus harming the business prospect. Make sure that the CTA or call to action section displays the message clearly.

7. Lack of Blog on Website: Website visitors Dilemma

Blogs are the best way to provide information about your product and services to your customers an opportunity to get ranked well. Well strategized blog with customer relevant content is a most engaging tool for my business and I have been benefited by the new sales for various projects.


All these pointers will help reduce page abandonment, bounce rate, poor search listings and bad reputation. I have mentioned small improvements in this article but can assure you by fixing these can witness rapid growth in visitor engagement which followed by sales revenue. I wish you luck in improving your website’s performance and getting to interact with potential customers in a proper manner making a stellar first impression. To begin with ask your website design and development company to identify these bottlenecks and fix them.

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