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Ways To Increase User Engagement with Content

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Top 6 Ways To Increase User Engagement on Your Content

The most important step in planning an effective website content writing campaign to is to believe in what you write. A successful content campaign plays a significant role in enhancing your visibility and building your brand name. If done right, it can help drive traffic to your website and if it doesn’t, hundreds and thousands of your posts and articles will go unnoticed. With content, your primary focus can be to drive traffic to your website, or hope that your content persuades the existing audience members to turn into your loyal customers. Engaging people is not just one slice of how someone interacts with your online content, but it is the most important part of their interaction.

Here are the different kinds of user engagements that you see online:

  1. User comments: This is usually found at the bottom of a blog post. Interacting and replying back to comments can be very useful for you.
  2. Discussion threads: Usually occurs on a forum setting or on social media. They ‘re always worth noticing and interesting for the users to read.
  3. Active participation: In things like surveys and quizzes. Users love to engage in them instantly.
  4. Social shares: It can either be direct or indirect.
  5. Positive rankings: “Like” or other reactions are the ones that are counted in positive rankings.

Writing fiction or a non-fiction book just does not helps in engaging readers, but you should know how to use highly effective marketing methods. Today’s e-reader is smart and wants the bottom line quickly. Whether your target readers enjoy reading online or print, you still need to know how to engage them beyond the content of your book. Engagement can be created in various ways. While some can be proved to be helpful, some can be total nightmares.

One needs a good mixture of all of these to attract a users attention. Now, let us discuss how can you go about it. Here are some strategies and proven methodologies that can help you increase user engagement on your content.

Strategies for Effective Website Content Writing:

1. Create for Humans, Not Machines:

Google’s calculation will surely give your content an excellent niche in search results, but Google won’t share your content with others by talking about it on social networks or linking to it in a blog. You can have the number one ranking position in search engine results and still have content that no one likes. That’s why it is extremely important that you create for people, not machines because the people that visit your site will – ultimately – be the ones who decide its fate.

2. Target Audience

An audience is the second step in building a successful content marketing strategy. Knowing your audience is vital to building trust. Spend some time in understanding your ideal customer, you can develop content to meet their needs. If your content isn’t reaching the intended audience you’re not getting the value you expect. It is highly important to gain the trust of your audience, if the audience believes that you know and understand them, you’ve already taken a step forward.

3. The Art of the Hook

It is hard to divert your attention elsewhere when something grabs your attention. Sometimes, it is
material that shocks us. Sometimes, it is because of some specific information hits home with us in a very personal way. Grabbing someone’s attention has nothing to do with what you write, it totally depends on how you write it.  Some writers have an acquired tendency of making anything sound exciting and thrilling. This is because they have mastered this art into their writing. It seems like they understand the kinds of phrasing that people respond to and then they go out, write it down, and make it happen.

4. Your Book Cover Matters

The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is not true in the content writing world.Always pay attention to how your page looks. People will simply not stay on a page they don’t find visually appealling. Visual factors like object symmetry, appropriate white space, readable fonts, and color contrast are important factors in user engagement.

5. Speak their language

It’s an old trope, but walking a mile in someone else’s shoes will help you gain perspective as at the end, who are you writing for? Many of us use search engines to find something online because they are new to the topic. This means they won’t understand your technical terms or industry buzzwords. Leave those items out of your content unless they are necessary. It is all about the content you need to have in order to engage the people you would love to engage by knowing what they want.

6. Surprise People

People love to be surprised. Something which is different and out of the box always catches the eye. On an immediate level, your surprising post will be able to stand out of the crowd and will be able to attract more attention and visibility. Beyond that, some readers, somehow on being surprised would love to reward you by recognizing it in the comments or by hitting a “like”. They might also be compelled to share your post, spreading the contagious “surprise” factor that your post carries.


As you all know that website user engagement being an extremely important, aspect determining the performance of a business, you need to make the most of the above tips. If users are getting value, then they are going to stay around for longer and if you can retain each user for longer, you will have more opportunities to generate more revenue for your business. Instead of simply settling for one technique, always run tests to see which works the best for you. Your focus should be on making your website attractive and user-friendly.

Do you need more help in creating effective website content writing strategy? Let me know in the comments section below or contact us. We’d love to help!

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